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Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton

Marvyn H.
June 13, 2007

Date of Birth: 7th January 1985
Country: England
Team: Mclaren Mercedes

The story goes something like this: A boy aged nine years old introduced himself to Ron Dennis and some or other motor expo, his introductory phrase going along the lines of "My name's Lewis Hamilton, and some day I'd like to race for you", Ron's reply was a simple "Speak to me when you're eighteen son". Ron only missed the mark by about six years or so...

Lewis Hamilton came into the world of Formula One highly rated, but everyone expected him to take a few races to settle in. And as usual he proved everyone wrong by getting his first podium in his first ever race in the top echelon of motorsport. So everyone starts wondering whether it was beginner's luck or is the 21 year old really that good...

Race two at Sepang in Malaysia saw the "boy-wonder" finish second. But the best was yet to come... The next 2 races saw Hamilton on the podium and left him tie on points with the other half of the all new Mclaren driving team and reigning champion Fernando Alonso. Tie on points in first place, and then came Canada. The F1 Montreal Grand Prix was the most chaotic and incident filled race in years and let Lewis Hamilton show all his maturity because amongst all the chaos he managed to keep his head and finish first.

Without a doubt the best rookie ever to grace the Formula One scene, yet if we have a look at his racing pedigree it's pretty clear to see why he is just so good:

1995: Super One CHampion (Cadet Class)
1996: Mclaren Champions of the Future series winner, Five Nations Champion, Sky TV Kart Masters Champion (Cadet Class)
1997: Super One British Champion, Mclaren Champions of the Future series winner
1998: Mclaren Champions of the Future Series runner-up, fourth in Italian Open Championship (Junior ICA) - He was also signed by Mclaren in this year
1999: Italian Industrials Champion (ICA), Vice European Champion (Junior ICA), fourth in Italian Open Championship
2000: European Champion (Formula A), World Cup Champion, Karting World Number 1
2001: Fifth place in British Formula Renault Winter Series
2002: Third in British Formula Renault Series, Formula Renault Eurocup Championship fifth while only having competed in four out of nine rounds
2003: British Formula Renault Champion
2004: Fifth in the F3 Euroseries
2005: Champion of F3 Euroseries
2006: Champion of GP2 series

Yet there are many drivers out there with similar racing careers leading up to their entry into their entry to Formula One, yet most enter this crazy championship and flatter to decieve. Seems those who are able to watch this season of Formula One racing are going to bear witness to one of the great drivers of F1. Only one way to find out, wait and see.

For now it's still: Lewis Hamilton, best rookie ever.

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