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How To Find The Perfect Car

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How To Find The Perfect Car

Dominic Ferrara
January 21, 2007

With the lemon law you have to get a lawyer and pay fees, and who has the time to litigate. You want to just purchase a car and hope that your losses aren't that bad. You should make that you are purchasing a great car. Bring someone who knows a thing or two about cars and purchase only under their advisement. You are protected under the lemon law, but it is a hassle to enforce it. Make sure that you aren't buying a lemon by doing your research and being careful about your selection.

The thing with a used car is that you are purchasing a car that has been used and probably abused by someone else. You are taking the risk and hoping that the car has not been abused. Everyone always seems to go when the warranty goes so you want to think that the car is going to last at least a year before something goes on it. To help you with you purchase you should always get the VIN number of the car and go to a site online, car fax, to get a car history report.

You may want to ask the dealer for the report so that you don't have to pay the five dollars for it. Car fax has saved a lot of people from purchasing a lemon. But, you never know what you are purchasing until you have already signed the papers. By getting a used car, you may end up learning some valuable lessons.

The good thing about purchasing a used car is that every state has a Lemon Law. The lemon law basically protects you for a short period from unlawful dealings. If you purchase a used car and you have a five-year payment plan, you should at least expect the car to last until the payments stop.

However, you want to make sure that your state protects you. The lemon law time period varies. You may only get three months, six months, or even a year on your lemon laws. Before you go to the dealer and sign the paper, ask your dealer about the lemon law and what they have to say. Then look it up for your area and see what the difference is. If he is shady in stating a law that he knows fully about, then you need to move on.

Are you interesting in purchasing a used car? First, ask yourself why you want a used car. Today, you can afford a brand new car, as long as you look at some of the cheaper cars. For $13,000-$16,000 you can purchase a new Honda or Hyundai. Other foreign brands are also very cheap. If you can afford a $250-$300, try going to one of the local dealers and checking it out before you go to purchase a used car. Jason is the owner of Car Buying For Idiots, the BEST site for finding out how to buy a car and save big. Take a look and get a Free Car Buying Report

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