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Bumper Stickers

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Bumper Stickers

John Wellington
December 6, 2006

Many people buy bumper stickers at one time or another in their life. These are the perfect way to express yourself, and people buy them for many different reasons. The problem with these stickers is that they often can ruin the finish on a car if you try to take them off, and some of them won’t come off at all. They can lower the value of a car if you want to resell it, but some people think it is worth it if they find the perfect bumper sticker to put on their automobile.

One of the most popular type of bumper stickers are political. These often pop up a lot during election time, and they are often used to voice displeasure in the current president or dominate party. These bumper stickers are often very simple and too the point, but most types are anyway. These only have room for a few words on them, so you have to get to the point rather quickly. If you haven’t seen a bumper sticker mocking George Bush lately, you may not be driving in my state. I see these far more than I see any other type of sticker, and some of them are rather obscene.

Many people also like to buy bumper stickers that have sayings on them that they want to show the world. You can get a personalized license plate, but a sticker is far more easier to get and can get the point across much easier. If you belong to a club or a group, you may have a sticker that states who you are and that you are a member. You may also choose bumper stickers that state which team you root for in sports, or perhaps who your favorite singer or band may be, or they may indicate your favorite hobby or pastime.

Other bumper stickers are often hilarious, though some of them can be down right mean. I have to laugh when I see one that says, “If you can read this you are too close,” because tailgating is a big problem. You may also find some that tell you rather rudely to get off your cell phone or to learn how to use your blinker. Though you may love these bumper stickers, remember that if the wrong person comes up behind you on the road, they may take offense and find a way to let you know. InSiderguide.Com provides readers with the latest reviews, articles,commentaries and write-ups on all Bumper Stickers, automobile, finish on a car related subjects.

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