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Washington Times-Herald
December 31, 1922

Donation to Safety Council Will Avoid Long Wait on Governmental Action


Commissioners Approve Proposal to Ask for $7,900 Congressional Appropriation

Washington Safety Council will start the New Year by marking the crosswalks at the busy intersections in the city. The sum of $5,000 has been given by John Hays Hammond to start this work immediately. Hammond has made the donation to William F. Ham, chairman of the council, with the explanation that he believes implicitly in the work and thinks it should not be hampered by lack of cash.


Mr. Hammond's attention was drawn to the need for money for marking the streets through news articles in the papers to the effect that the District of Columbia is without funds for this important work. He called on Mr. Ham to express the view that the broad white marks painted on the streets are valuable as safety measures, and indicated his willingness to make a contribution immediately to save lives and prevent accidents.

At the last meeting of the council a committee consisting of John J. Boobar, Odell S. Smith and Earl Godwin was appointed with instructions to take to Congress a request that $7,900 be appropriated to allow the police department to mark the streets as they had been during safety week. The committee has obtained the approval of the Commissioners, and the item will undoubtedly be requested from Congress by the proper authorities, but it would not be available until the end of the fiscal year at least.


Because of the delay, Mr. Hammond has made his donation to be effective immediately. The money will carry the council in this street marking work probably for seven or eight months.

In speaking of Mr. Hammond's gift Mr. Ham yesterday afternoon said:

The Safety Council hopes that appropriations can be made by Congress for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1923, to continue this work, as it is manifestly something that should be done at public and not at private expense. The Safety Council cannott fully express its appreciation of the public-spirited liberality of Mr. Hammond in making this contribution. In the judgement of experts there is nothing more essential for the prevention of accidents than the proper painting of traffic lines on pavements.

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