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Keep the 45MPH speed limit on South St.

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Keep the 45MPH speed limit on South St.

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
July 5, 2009

A recent survey questions was, "Should Woodstock lower the speed limit from 45MPH on South Street between Duvall Drive and the west City Limit?"

Many thanks to the 37 readers who took time to participate in the survey. The results were

76% voted No
24% voted Yes

What would it be like, if the City of Woodstock began polling residents on issues like this? It would be so easy for the City to place polls on its website. I mean, after all; if I can do it, surely some high-tech I.T. person could do it. All you do is grab an electronic polling tool and plug it in. Done! No biggie.

Of course, then the City might have information it doesn't want to have. If one person in Serenity Estates wants a lower speed limit so he can get out onto South Street with less delay (so he thinks) but hundreds want no change in the speed limit, how much time would the City Council spend deliberating a change and how much City staff time and money would be spent to find a way to do it?

This is not to say that one person cannot come up with a good idea. Ideas often start with one person. But the City Council is to represent and serve the City as a whole. Is it in the best interest of the City to lower that speed limit (except for all the speeding tickets that will be written to drivers who would consider a 35MPH speed limit too low and then travel faster (at great peril to their checkbooks))?

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