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One driver - 13 tickets!!

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McHenry County, Illinois

One driver - 13 tickets!!

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
May 5, 2009

Just last August 23 I wrote about the issuance of 18 (EIGHTEEN!) tickets to one individual by the Island Lake Police Department. I never did find whether one officer wrote all 18 (and if so, how long did the poor guy have to sit there while the cop worked out a writer's cramp), or if the whole department pitched in, so the cop could avoid over-time. To find that article easily, search on this website for "swimmingly".

I'm gathering information now about this week's runner-up to that night back in August.

Is there a ticket quota in Island Lake? Do officers have to write as many as they can, when they stop a driver? I mean, this is only the 5th of the month. If you are taking the rest of the month off, do you have to get your ticket quota in before you leave?

Details to follow. When you hear them, you'll be glad you don't live in Island Lake.

Don't get me wrong. Island Lake seems, on the surface, to be a pretty nice place. I have met Greg Kachka - you'll remember him. He's the guy with the .38 caliber finger that terrified one of the Village Trustees and the Village Clerk. Don't forget that the two women dropped their charges against Greg.

And I've met Laurie Rabattini, who was just elected as a Village Trustee. Laurie has videotaped Village Board meetings and streamed them on her website. (Hey, there's a solid idea for Woodstock, which won't set up a deal with Comcast for broadcasting on a Comcast public service channel).

And I've met John Ponio, a current Village Trustee who ran for Mayor in the last election.

And others. All nice people.

But I'll tell you. It would be a good idea to get control of the Police Department.

Come back soon. Details to follow.

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