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Mini Dirt Bikes


Mini Dirt Bikes

Jimmy Sturo
March 1, 2006

Mini Bikes were first manufactured by Japan, followed by the Italian manufacturer, Polini and other Mini Bike Manufacturers such as ATM Vittorazi, Bi-ZetaBlata Pocket, Zocchi Sport Racing, ZPF Mini Bikes, GEM and others. As the sport spread to other parts of the world, innovative, high performance Mini Bikes came into production, which includes the Mini Dirt Bike.

Mini Dirt Bikes, though small in size, are not as cheap as some people thought it would be. For example, the Pitster Pro 125cc can cost you around 2,095 dollars. However, Mini Dirt bikes with less engine power, normally less than 90cc, are quite affordable with price ranging from 200 to 600 dollars only.

A Mini Dirt Bike has all the working parts and features of a normal Dirt Bike. It only weighs less, is much smaller and has a lot less power (about 49cc on average). Most Mini Dirt Bikes are built with a two-stroke engine, and since they are also designed to hold only half a gallon of gas on average, you also don’t have to spend much on fuel.

With hundreds of models choose from, the popularity of these little but comparatively powerful machines is still growing among children and adults alike. It is a fact that thousands of Mini Dirt Bikes are sold every year around the world, and the number is increasing.

Since these Mini Dirt Bikes can run up to 75 mph or so, precautions should be taken while riding them, especially for younger kids. Wearing helmets should be made compulsory and children should not be allowed to ride these vehicles on a speed of more than 40 mph. If you are an adult and plan to buy a Mini Dirt Bike for yourself, make sure that it fits you and supports your weight.

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