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Dangerous Motorcyclists

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Motorcycles McHenry County, Illinois

Dangerous Motorcyclists

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
August 13, 2008

This afternoon I was driving "the back way" from Crystal Lake to Woodstock and was poking along at 40MPH (in the 40MPH speed zone) on Country Club Road near McConnell Road. I had been keeping an eye on the grey Corvette convertible (license SIXSPD 3) behind me, because the driver was antsy and I expected him to pass me.

Hey, it's not my fault that the County engineer decided on a modest 40MPH speed limit at that point. I think I once counted the number of times that the speed limit changes from Ridgefield (where???) to Woodstock; I think there are nine speed zones in that relatively short stretch of Country Club Road.

Suddenly a crotch rocket flew past me. I heard him coming and checked my mirrors. There he was, across the double yellow no-passing lines and in the oncoming lane of traffic. I estimated his speed at 75MPH as he passed two cars behind me and me. And then a second crotch rocket flew past at about the same speed. And on they went out of sight toward Woodstock.

Wouldn't you know that I was in a weak cell phone area. I speed-dialed the sheriff's department but, while I was talking to the dispatcher, the call got dropped. Realizing that there was no way a deputy would be likely to encounter them, I dialed the Woodstock Police to ask their help.

At least, that call didn't get dropped, although the connection was not good. I was hoping the two motorcyclists would head on into Woodstock and that a Woodstock officer find might a reason to detain them near the Jewel. When I reached Jewel, I pulled into the lot, hoping to see the bikes - no luck.

Just then a Woodstock officer told me he had talked to two motorcyclists in the Walgreen's parking lot on the same type of motorcycles. We headed that way, but I could tell they were different bikes and that the riders were dressed differently.

One of the jerks on Country Club Road wore a white t-shirt with a fluorescent, high-visibility vest over it. Maybe that's so, when he lands in the trees, the rescue squad will be able to find him faster.

There was no chance to get a license plate number or to keep them in sight very long. They were lucky this time. Maybe I'll see the bikes in a parking lot and get the plate numbers. I'll be sure to save them for the next time they pass me like that.

Many thanks to the Woodstock dispatcher and the officer who attempted to find these dangerous motorcyclists!

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