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Child Safety Seat Inspection

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McHenry County, Illinois

Child Safety Seat Inspection

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
September 14, 2008

On Saturday, Sept. 20, from 9AM-12Noon at the Woodstock Wal-Mart, an officer of the Woodstock PD will be available to check for proper installation of the child safety seats in your vehicle. This event will be one of more than 90 checkpoints offered in Illinois.

Seems like I read somewhere that about 70% of the child safety seats are NOT properly installed. Go by for a free inspection and tips on proper installation.

In August Fire Chief Ralph Webster directed me to Firefighter/Paramedic Mike Brinkman for information. When I contacted Mike, he referred me to Woodstock PD Officer Schmidtke. On September 5 I emailed the police department and asked if Ofc. Schmidtke would give me more information so that I could publicize it.

No response... whatever happened to public relations? Email still works 24/7. Could be that Ofc. Schmidtke never got the message.

Then I found the press release on the City's PD website. You can read all the details by going through the City's website at www.woodstockil.gov Place your mouse on "City Departments" and then roll (without clicking) to Police and continuing rolling (without clicking) to "Crime Stopper Cases/Press Releases/Crime Alerts". Click on "Safety Seat Event".

Or click on: http://woodstockil.gov/vertical/Sites/%7B7B45EC48-D164-43E3-ACA3-4CC6ED948AFB%7D/uploads/%7B3CC0CDDC-0BC4-40BD-9201-19C583D8B22C%7D.PDF

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