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Dirt Bike Parts

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Dirt Bike Parts

Jimmy Sturo
March 1, 2006

Even though Dirt Bikes are designed to be sturdy and durable, like any other motorcycles, their body parts can also be vulnerable to wear and tear. So, don’t forget to conduct routine checks on them in order to make sure that your Dirt Bike is always in a good condition. Remember, every good motorcycle needs good maintenance.

In order to make sure that the bearings are in good condition, put your bike on a stand so that the front wheel does not touch the ground. Try to move the forks back and forth. If there is any movement other than suspension travel, it might be time you change the bearings. Good new head bearings may cost you $30 to $50.

Appearance can be deceiving when it comes to brake pads. Dirt, Soap and other chemicals can become embedded in the pad and deteriorate the friction material. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get periodical replacements even if the pad material seems to be in good condition.

To check the engine, start the bike from cold. If you have a Dirt Bike with a four stroke engine, watch out for any rhythmic noises from the top of the engine motor. There should not be any rumbling sounds from the bottom too. As for Dirt Bikes with two stroke engines, if you hear any slapping sounds, it’s probable that the piston has been worn out.

The tires of a Dirt Bike are the most easily worn-out body parts. They can lose their traction even after only one trip on a harsh, unforgiving terrain. Make sure you check the tread on the tires after every ride and see that they are not smooth. Pay closer attention to the front tire.

Apart from these, always remember to keep body parts such as the cables, chain and sprockets, linkage bearings, throttle, axles and engine clean and well-lubed.

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