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Hoffman Estates is Next...

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Hoffman Estates is Next...

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
February 26, 2008

Did you hear the news this morning that Hoffman Estates will join the ranks of towns utilizing red-light cameras? This summer cameras will be installed at five intersections.

Red-light running is a huge problem - not only in Illinois, but nation-wide. For the law-abiding drivers it is the right decision.

When drivers approach signalized intersections carefully and watch the light, there won't be any problem with stopping if the light changes.

The drivers who run the red lights? They deserve the tickets, whether the tickets are issued by officers or through the red-light camera program.

Kind of makes you wonder why the powers-that-be can't figure out what's wrong on Randall Road. Rigid enforcement is needed at IL 72, Algonquin Road, Miller Road, Acorn Lane. At just about every light on Randall Road.

What can you do to protect yourself?

If you are being tail-gated, slow down as you approach a light that has been green a long time. Increase your distance behind the car ahead. Watch the driver behind you. If the green light changes to yellow, expect him to accelerate, thinking that you are going to run the light. Watch for him to change lanes suddenly and try to pass you while you are slowing to stop. It's called "defensive driving."

If you are stopped at a red light, when it changes to green, look both ways; then look both ways again!

If there is a large truck to your left and you can't see cross-traffic, wait until that driver starts up. If someone runs the red light from your left, let the truck take the brunt of the crash, not you.

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