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Dirt Bike Safety

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Dirt Bike Safety

Jimmy Sturo
March 1, 2006

Whether you are a veteran rider or a beginner, it is imperative that you take extreme safety precautions while riding high-speed motorcycles like dirt bikes since accident risks are higher with these powerful machines.

The most important thing to remember before riding a dirt bike is to get formal training and instructions. It is said that 90%-95% of motorcycle riders involved in accidents did not go through formal training. So to make your dirt bike riding experience safer, get yourself a formal training from a professional or a training school.

Protective gears like helmets, gloves, boots and jackets not only guard you from injuries sustained from crashes, they also provide comfort and shield you from conditions such as poor weather, the sun and other elements that may come in your way while riding. It is also advisable to wear bright-colored clothing so that other riders will see you better to avoid crashes.

Before mounting your dirt bike, always conduct a careful inspection of the parts like the wheels, bearings, brakes etc to make sure that they are in good condition. Repair or replace any faulty components because mechanical failure can also be one of the potential safety threats to dirt bike riding.

Decrease your speed while riding in bad weather conditions like rain or fog. Remember to turn on the headlights if your dirt bike is equipped with one. Bad weather conditions can be great safety threats so it’s best if you do not ride during these conditions.

Riding in groups can be real fun but if not coordinated properly, it can also be very dangerous and may lead to multiple collisions. The ride leader should preferably be a professional with a lot of experience and be able to maintain effective communication within the group while riding.

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