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WHO LET THE ‘DAWGS OUT?" Rodedawg," Hottest Amphibious 4x4 Off-Road, Positioned to Burst Onto the U.S. Scene

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WHO LET THE ‘DAWGS OUT?" Rodedawg," Hottest Amphibious 4x4 Off-Road, Positioned to Burst Onto the U.S. Scene

Kris Nickerson
February 28, 2006

“Rodedawg,” Hottest Amphibious 4x4 Off-Road, Positioned to Burst Onto the U.S. Scene.

Hummers, move over! In early 2007, Americans will be Rodedawgin’ over mountains and through rivers in a new 4x4 amphibious off-road vehicle manufactured in a joint venture by a major USA automaker and Beijing Automotive Works Ltd.

The Rodedawg, (www.rodedawg.com) scheduled for U.S. approval for off-road use by year’s end, is certain to attract enthusiasts who want to run with the big “dawgs” while spending only half the cost of a Hummer.

Currently available in Mexico, Nicaragua and many other countries, the Rodedawg is the vision of Luis Pallais, Commercial Attaché to the Nicaraguan Consul General’s Office in San Francisco, and an automotive industry veteran. After catching a glimpse in a Beijing military warehouse of the amphibious off-road vehicle that would later become the Rodedawg, Pallais was smitten.

“I never saw a vehicle that caught my eye as much as this one did, and frankly, I fell in love with it,” he said. “I immediately knew that its appeal and functionality was broad enough to engage both governments and consumers.”

Rodedawg International Industries Inc., which owns the trademark rights to the brand name “Rodedawg” in many countries around the globe, is currently in negotiations with the Dominican Republic National Police and Nicaragua’s armed forces to provide them with the amphibious vehicle. Luis Pallais foresees marketing the vehicle to U.S. federal and state agencies.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Rodedawg would have been a perfect fit for search and rescue operations,” said Pallais. “Pre-positioning Rodedawgs in the vicinity of potential disaster areas would save valuable time and translate into saving lives.”

When the Rodedawg bursts onto the U.S. scene early next year, it will set tails wagging among the off-road crowd. With a four-cylinder, 2.77 liter Isuzu 4JB1 turbocharged diesel engine, the Rodedawg 4x4 is destined to be offered in three models: a convertible, a truck, and an SUV. Each model can be custom fitted to the customer’s specifications, although standard models come equipped with plush interiors and features designed for a comfortable ride in even the most rugged terrain. The first model to be available in the U.S. will be the soft-top off-road version.

For water travel, the Rodedawg is driven by a rear propeller attached to the PTO shaft. During amphibious operation, the vehicle can reach six to eight miles per hour and has a turning diameter of 66 feet. On land, the Rodedawg can handle at 44 percent incline with ease.

With fuel efficiency rated at 25 miles per gallon and a sticker base price of just $49,500, the Rodedawg will jump over the competition to become leader of the pack. “As a recreational vehicle for boating, hunting, fishing, or simply exploring, the Rodedawg is unparalleled,” said Pallais.

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