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Chicago Skyway speeders

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Chicago Skyway speeders

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
November 30, 2010

Have you driven on the Chicago Skyway recently?

It ought to be re-named Indianapolis Speedway North!

Recently I used it for eastbound travel, and I was almost run over. If you drive your car at the posted speed limit, you had better call your life insurance agent and arrange to increase your protection.

One driver with an Illinois plate roared up behind me before I reached the Illinois-Indiana state line, yakking away on his handheld cell phone. I estimated his speed at 30MPH faster than mine, and I was at the speed limit, which was 45MPH at that point. He slammed on his brakes and made a sudden lane change to pass me, never interrupting his conversation.

The Skyway operating authority reports that its lease with the Skyway requires them to use the Chicago Police Department for traffic enforcement. I guess that explains it! CPD is ineffective on the Dan Ryan and the Kennedy; why would they be any more effective on a roadway operated by a private authority? I believe that years ago the CPD decided that the ISP was to enforce speed limits on the Dan Ryan and the Kennedy. The only problem with that is that the ISP might have only two troopers on duty for the entire Chicago District.

Aside from an automatic weapon mounted in a turret on the roof of a car, I'm unsure just what it will take to slow Chicagoland drivers. Hmmm, now there's an idea... Maybe a retired Hummer, still painted camouflage. Would a wooden or metal replica of a machine gun be frowned on by CPD or the Illinois State Police?

And maybe a bumper sticker reading, "Don't push me. I'm already having a bad day."

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