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Iowa cop busted for DUI

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Iowa cop busted for DUI

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
June 19, 2011

On June 11th an Iowa cop was busted for DUI. Pretty embarrassing, eh? But don't think of the "State to the Left", as the DJs on Y1039 used to say. This cop was from Iowa, Louisiana.

There is always good reading on www.dwihitparade.com/ That's where I saw this. The article didn't quite say that the off-duty cop was driving a police car, but it did say he was driving a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria owned by the Town of Iowa. The population was 2,663 in 2000. Hopefully, they have a second squad car.

Here's an idea to discourage DUIs in McHenry County.

What if every police department, upon arresting a driver for DUI, transported him or her to the County Jail, instead of letting him (her) bond out at the police station. Every one of them... Give 'em the full experience. A ride in the squad car, handcuffed, to the P.D. Sit there while the officer writes his report. Another ride to the County Jail in the police car - also handcuffed. Booked into the County Jail, fingerprinted, photographed. And let them sit there until they can bond out.

Sure, it takes a little longer for the cop. But this could be a wise investment in time by the County's police departments. How long would it take for the word to get around the County that you don't want to get picked up for DUI?

So the eventual savings in police time (and crashes and injuries) is considerable. Any thoughts?

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