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Another stupid idea in the legislature

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Another stupid idea in the legislature

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
June 12, 2011

Almost every day I am glad that I spend $1/week to get the Northwest Herald delivered to my door. I just wish that friendly dog would bring it, but my carrier is quiet at 4:00AM, and I appreciate his timely delivery.

And now, for the Stupid Idea of the Week. or maybe of the Month. or possibly of the Year.

What is it? Allowing corporations to advertise on the license plates on cars in Illinois.

There are already more than 70 license plates to choose from in Illinois. What has gotten lost in this shuffle is that the purpose of a license plate is to identify a vehicle. The numbers need to be large enough to be read from a distance and should be distinguishable from that background on the plate. Specialty plates carry extra letters that you must remember, if you are going to report a license plate to police.

The same license plate number can be issued to different classifications of vehicle. Just imagine the problem if you get run off the road and call the police with the license plate number, but don't know the plate classification (which might be different from the specialty plate category).

Where did this hare-brained idea come from? A guy in Chicago who wants to make his million with a start-up business. Don't prisoners make license plates?

And from a Chicago State Senator - John Munroe. Jesse White's office had the right idea when they tried to kill the idea, when Sen. Munroe showed up with it. Unfortunately, because "Senator" Munroe carried it in, now state time (and money) will be wasted to evaluate whether corporations ought to be able to advertise on license plates.

Do you want to see Sears or Kohl's or AT&T or Philpott Hypnotherapy or Hooters on the license plate of the car in front of you? OK, well, maybe Hooters...

Stupid; really stupid...

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