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Crash means free advertising

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McHenry County, Illinois

Crash means free advertising

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
August 3, 2011

Rockstar Music Woodstock

Here are some really good reasons for a 22-year-old man not to be out on the streets at 4:00AM on a Saturday. Was he trying to crash into rock-and-roll stardom? The Northwest Herald reported this morning that Noe Rodriguez, 22, crashed his car into a building on a Woodstock corner on July 30th.

Saying "The building ran out in front of me" probably wouldn't have worked, when Woodstock Police showed up at the former home of Rock Star Music Academy, on the northwest corner of Route 47 and Judd Street.

More good reasons not to be out on the streets behind the wheel include
1. Suspended driver's license
2. Suspended registration (license plates)
3. Driving under the influence of alcohol
4. Illegally transporting alcohol

Of course, these are all "just" charges, and Noe Rodriguez, 22, of Woodstock, is innocent until found guilty. But what part of "responsibility" does Rodriguez not understand?

The free advertising? Rock Star Music Academy had already moved out of this building at 641 East Judd Street and into its new home at 107 Dean Street. Lucky for them.

Rodriguez was charged on June 1, 2011, by Huntley Police with driving on a suspended license. His attorney, Mario J. Perez, has asked for a jury trial. That case was in court yesterday (August 2), and the next status date in court is August 15.

Rodriguez' earlier traffic charges do not show in McHenry County Circuit Court online records. Did he just move to McHenry County? Where were the charges filed that resulted in the suspension of his driver's license and license plates?

Rodriguez (misspelled as "Rodrigeuz" in court records (to be corrected)) was scheduled to appear this morning on a bond hearing, and his next court date on the charges will be September 1 at 8:30AM for a plea.

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