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Let's make a deal on this DUI

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McHenry County, Illinois

Let's make a deal on this DUI

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
September 7, 2011

How long can a DUI case take? Sometimes, years...

And sometimes, a month? I think a record must have been set in the McHenry County Court system on the DUI charge against Noe Rodriguez, 22, who crashed his car into the former business location of Rock Star Music Academy during the early morning hours on Saturday, July 30.

Rodriguez was represented by the McHenry County Public Defenders office and must have pled guilty on the DUI charge yesterday, because he was fined $3,210, including fees and costs. He'll be paying that off at the rate of $322.00 monthly, starting in October. He also must attend DUI school and meet terms of his supervision.

Who knows what he had to drink that night, but it was very expensive for him. Of course, there is also the damage to his vehicle and the repairs to the building. Presumably, he had insurance, since he wasn't ticketed for no insurance. He also has to deal with a Summary Suspension of his driving privileges.

Court records also indicate a fine of $652.00 for driving on a suspended driver's license and credit for time served of 76 days. Not sure about that entry, since there are only 38 days between July 30 and September 6.

A charge for driving on canceled, revoked or suspended registration (license plates) was nolle prossed. A charge for possession of alcohol (open container?) by driver was nolle prossed. A charge of failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident also was nolle prossed.

The building, on the northwest corner of Route 47 and East Judd Street, is boarded up. If Rodriguez had insurance and carried the state minimum, it probably won't cover repairs.

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