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Anti car-jacking device

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Anti car-jacking device

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
April 17, 2012

Steering Column Pistol Holster

What do you think? Would this be an effective device for preventing car-jackings?

This is sort of like the holster on the motorcycle seat that an El Paso leather shop put together.

Obviously, this would violate current Illinois law - unless one happened to live in his car. Or may claim it's his office. For many salesmen, their cars are their offices (places of business).

Somehow, I think that, when I was in the life insurance business, had a client gotten into my car for a ride to a luncheon meeting, he might have had a few questions for me. Like, what's the gun for?

Answer: "Well, after we do your estate plan, we're going to test it and see if we got everything right."

Would it be legal in Wisconsin, where open-carry was already the law, when concealed-carry became lawful in November? It's important to read the fine print in Wisconsin law. At least until last November, open-carry did not include carrying openly in a vehicle. It still might not. I realized that "vehicle" included motorcycles, and so I decided not to carry openly on motorcycle rides in Wisconsin. And now? I don't know.

I'm not a real fan of open carry, even if it is lawful, because people get upset when they see an armed person on the street. Don't they realize that they probably don't need to worry about the person who carries his gun in the open? There was no problem in a Culver's restaurant in Madison, Wisc. with five armed men who were enjoying their burgers - until the cops showed up. The "Madison Five" never should have been charged, and the cops lost their cases.

Oh, the above holster under the steering wheel? What do you do with the weapon when you hand the car keys to the valet?

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