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First Motorcycle Customer

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First Motorcycle Customer

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
July 31, 2008

Cuppy's Coffee

I wanted to be the first motorcycle customer at Cuppy's Coffee, the new coffee business in Woodstock. I couldn't get there until about 3:45PM, but I was still number one.

You may have seen the nice article in this morning's Northwest Herald (Page 9C) that described today's "soft" opening. A soft opening is the first day of business, before advertising and a Grand Opening. It gives the staff a chance to put to work what they've learned in training, without the pressure of high traffic flow.

An advertised special of the day was the Mocha coffee, so that's what I had. It was freshly prepared and quite tasty. While I was waiting, I was offered a sample of the strawberry-lime smoothie, and I'll definitely return for one of those.

Stop in soon. Read over the menu and then pull up to the window. A word about traffic flow. Remain stopped at the window where you order. Cuppy's is not like McDonald's, where you order at one window and then pull up to the second window to pick up what you have ordered.

If you haven't seen Cuppy's Coffee yet, it's right in front of Kmart, on the east side of Route 47. Either turn into Kmart to reach their drive-thru or turn on Cobblestone and enter for the drive-thru on the north side of their building.

Summer hours are 6AM-8PM Monday through Saturday, and 8AM-4PM on Sunday. And, while you are at your computer, check out http://www.cuppyscoffee.com/ Be sure to click on "Fiction or Fact".


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