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Dick Tracy Park-ing

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McHenry County, Illinois

Dick Tracy Park-ing

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
July 23, 2008

Dick Tracy Way

Recently the City changed the parking pattern on Dick Tracy Way, between Lake Avenue and Fremont Street. I'm sure it was to protect the little kiddies who jaywalk from cars to the park there.

As it is now, parking is prohibited on the north (west?) side of Dick Tracy Way.

What has really happened to the parking pattern?

More cars now park on Fremont, including so close to the corner that sight distances and turning room has become narrowed. The result? When cars are parked on both sides of Fremont at Dick Tracy Way, only one lane of traffic can get through at a time. This can present an unpleasant surprise for two drivers who arrive at the same time, because the driver turning off Dick Tracy Way won't see the oncoming car on Fremont in a safe amount of time.

A further step in parking restriction is needed by creating no parking zones on Fremont near the corner. Parking on both sides of Fremont should be prohibited for a certain distance away from the park. Even one-two car lengths would help.

This change will also ease the flow of traffic into or out of the police department's restricted driveway from Dick Tracy Way to the employee parking lot at the rear of the PD. Just imagine a squad car rolling up Fremont at the 30MPH speed limit, heading for the "lot", and moving over into the middle of the street to pass between these cars. As he nears the intersection, a driver turns from Dick Tracy Way onto Fremont, and ... bam!

Which raises another question... When a sign reads, "Do Not Enter (Police Only)", does this mean that no vehicles should enter? Can police vehicles enter on official business? Does it mean that off-duty employees arriving for work should not enter against the signs?

Or does it mean that only the "police" should not enter?

Just wondering...


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