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Does roadway come with Lexus?

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Does roadway come with Lexus?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
November 19, 2008

Jerk in a Lexus Jerk in a Lexus Jerk in a Lexus

This morning I was targeted by a driver in a Lexus who seemed to think that, when he bought his Lexus, he also bought the roadway.

I was enroute to Hoffman Estates at the end of the morning rush-hour and was traveling east on Algonquin Road (Route 62).

After you cross Route 59, the roadway is four lanes for about a mile and then it narrows to two lanes for about a mile. The speed limit in 55MPH on that two-lane stretch and then reduces to 45MPH.

The driver in a black Ford pick-up behind me was in a hurry, but there was nowhere to go on the two-lane stretch until it opened up to four lanes just west of Penny Road. After the roadway opened up to four lanes, I was poking along in the right lane at the posted 45MPH speed limit and he went by. But then a clown in a Lexus tore past me. Now, he was really upset about my having poked along at 45MPH (in the 45MPH zone). To demonstrate his displeasure, he cut back into the right lane when he was almost past me. I say "almost", because he was not past me by a safe distance before cutting over.

As luck would have it, he caught a red light at Barrington Road, and I rolled right up alongside him and took three pictures. Guys with vanity plates shouldn't drive like that; right? A license plate like HOP HEAD? Who can forget that one? For a good look at the license plate and the driver, click on the photos to enlarge them. (Then click on Back on your browser.)

Hopefully, the South Barrington Police Department will keep their eyes peeled for him over the next few days. They already have the story and the photos.

What do you think? Anyone know him?

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