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Driving When You Are Drowsy

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Driving When You Are Drowsy

Terry Brown
May 26, 2006

So you think you are much safer driving drowsy than driving when you have had too much to drink. However, the truth behind this is that both are considered to be dangerous. This is mainly because when you are driving drowsy, you also are putting not only yourself at risk but you also are endangering the lives of your passengers as well as other people on the road.

If you would be driving early in the morning, remember to put in the right hours to get a good night’s sleep. Or, if you are in no rush to drive to your responsibilities, schedule your driving during those hours of the day when you are very much alert.

Now, when you are just about to drive, you can further wake yourself up. Try taking some ten minutes or fifteen minutes to do some exercises. You can also opt to stretch or walk briskly. You can also do this if you are on a long drive and you can also do this around every two hours of that long trip.

Try having a companion when you are driving. At least, someone would be there with you as you go through the miles. Try talking with him or her or you can also listen to loud music to keep your eyes open. Now if you think that you simply cannot drive any further, let your companion do the driving. On the other hand, if you do not have a companion with you, pull over in some safe place first like a motel, a shopping mall parking lot, or a gasoline station. Get some shut eye first before you continue on with your journey.

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