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Driving Safely Around Children

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Driving Safely Around Children

Chuck Smith
May 23, 2006

Not all pedestrians and people on the street are grown ups. The number of children on the streets could be quite high, if you knew exactly where to look. And, after all, many grown ups, or parents for that matter, would bring and having their children tagging along as they go about their chores or as they spend some quality time together.

With children on the streets and roads, it is important that as a driver, you do know how to maneuver and drive your car without harming the little ones. You see, some big vehicles are often too high to see if there are children in front or at the back of the vehicle. Automobile and driving experts have come up with tips to assist people and drivers in knowing how to drive safely around children.

If you are about to back out of a driveway or if you are about to exit a garage, it is important that you are on the alert. You should look carefully for children in the area. These little ones might be on foot or even on bicycles.

When driving around school zones, you should be even more alert. These are areas where many children alight and where they often roam freely. So you should be vigilant and on the look out. You should also be alert when you are driving around neighborhoods. Many children play and roam the streets here. The same rule should be followed when you are driving by streets where there are no sidewalks, as well as bus stops.

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