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Save Your Company Money By Buying A Used Boom Truck

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Save Your Company Money By Buying A Used Boom Truck

Shane Hester
August 8, 2013

They're so much a part of our industrial landscape that we take them completely for granted. Scissor Lifts are aerial work platforms that move exclusively in the vertical direction. The platform, available in different dimensions and protected by a guard-rail, is mounted on a series of criss-cross supports that can be collapsed or expanded vertically and it sometimes has an longer extension to enable people and goods to move closer to the work area.

Pneumatic lifts, hydraulic, electrical or mechanically powered boom truck allow the ascent and descent of the platform to be rendered safe and jerk-free, thus reducing the risk to life and limb of technicians using it and also enhances the safety of the goods and materials loaded on it. They allow quick, temporary access to work areas which are positioned at a height. The heights available could range from ten or twenty feet to sixty feet plus. Another name for boom truck is the "cherry picker" and they are relatively simple to operate, usually by an individual who has been specially trained in its operation. They may also have additional features and accessories that allow the work-force to carry out electrical, mechanical and finishing work in the construction industry. Scissor lifts occupy less space, are portable and can be stored and set up easily.

Such heavy-duty equipment does come at a steep price. However, a sound alternative is to identify and purchase a used boom truck that's in good working condition. This can save huge cash outflows to your company since second-hand equipment costs a fraction of the price of new. Provided it's in good condition and requires only external touch-ups like paint or grease, this is a wise investment even if it lacks the smart good looks of a brand new one. It can also save your company the recurring loss associated with the sudden depreciation on new equipment. Leasing and rental can be almost as expensive as buying new, and this process has its own set of risks.

Before purchasing a used boom truck, ensure that you're clear about the function it will perform and do a guesstimate about how much it's really going to be used. Identify the model you want based on features and functionality and then look for this particular one. Many boom truck companies are in touch with used equipment dealers and can point you in the right direction. Approach a dealer recommended by trusted friends, family or colleagues. Look for signs of large scale repair, rust, worn out moving parts, damage etc. Also remember that a used one will not have the latest features offered by the company.

Provided the used boom truck has no safety or major repair issues, this is a great option for saving your company money that can be put to better use elsewhere.

Go Tech Equipment can find your company Washington used boom truck at a great price to save money and keep work.

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