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Grazier gets deal of a lifetime

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McHenry County, Illinois

Grazier gets deal of a lifetime

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
February 8, 2010

Last week 20-year-old Adam Grazier got the deal of a lifetime. No jail, at least immediately.

Grazier reportedly ran a stop sign at 70-80MPH on Kemman at Thayer in September 2006 and hit a car in the intersection, nearly killing the other driver.

Before that accident Grazier, then 17, had gotten two speeding tickets (72/55 and 80/55) and a stop sign ticket. After the accident he got one more stop sign ticket (May 30, 2007, in Woodstock).

At his court sentencing hearing last Friday, a resident in the area testified that she had seen a car similar to Grazier's run the stop sign on Kemman multiple times.

Grazier was convicted last October (2009 - THREE years after the crash) of aggravated reckless driving. So how hard did Judge Sharon Prather clobber him?

Two years of probation
$1,000 fine, plus court costs
Attend traffic safety school
Complete any counseling recommended after an alcohol evaluation

Oh, yes, and 30 days in jail, which he won't have to serve, if he keeps his nose clean for the two years of his probation.

Duhh, let's see. He's 20. Alcohol counseling? What's wrong with this picture? He's 20 and scheduled for an alcohol evaluation?

Assistant State's Attorney Ryan Blackney asked for six months in the slammer. Maybe 30-45 days in jail with the balance suspended would have been a better sentence by Judge Prather.

Any odds on how soon Grazier will get another ticket or have another bad accident?

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