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Volvo Group: Aiming At Reducing Traffic Accidents

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Volvo Group: Aiming At Reducing Traffic Accidents

Kenneth McKinley
May 22, 2006

To increase awareness when it comes to traffic safety issues. To reduce the number of accidents in humanitarian aid transports. These are just two of the main aims and goals of the Volvo Group. You see, the Volvo Group is currently initiating cooperation along with forty other humanitarian aid organizations around the globe so as to be able to make these aims become reality. To assist with this endeavor, Volvo’s own accident research team would also be contributing and providing more information to help out with the analysis.

A declaration of intent was signed by Volvo. Now this declaration of intent actually includes cooperation in the whole area of road safety with Fleet Forum. Fleet Forum is actually a voluntary association of around forty humanitarian aid organizations worldwide. Part of the terms and conditions included and stated in the declaration of intent, Volvo would also be there to assist out these organizations in analyzing traffic accidents and recommend measures to increase general road safety awareness of traffic safety issues. They would also be working on reducing the number of accidents and save more lives along the way.

To further facilitate the whole process, these humanitarian aid organizations will be provided with customized data sheets. These data sheets would help them out in reporting traffic accidents. The whole collection of data process will start around the middle of this year, 2006. The first report on their study would be presented next year. After every little piece of information has been submitted and collected, Volvo’s own accident research team would them do the hard work. They would be analyzing the causes of accidents. Of course, they would also try to formulate new ideas and provide recommendations as per measures and steps to reduce the number of accidents. This whole project would be continuously done up until the year 2009.

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