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Tribune squelches comments on rapper

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Tribune squelches comments on rapper

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
May 29, 2013

Why would the Chicago Tribune prohibit comments on the speeding arrest of a rapper by a Northfield (Ill.) PD officer?

Check out the video cam from the patrol car. Too bad the Tribune didn't include the chase. Cozart, 17 (repeat, 17) had $8,000 cash on it when he was stopped.

"Chief Keef" (what a name!) was clocked at 110 MPH (in a 55MPH zone) by a Northfield officer on Monday at 3:45AM. Keith Cozart, 17, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Let the bargaining begin...

Suppose they also charged him with numerous traffic violations? Enough to revoke his driving privileges? Completely? For a year or more? (Like that will stop him from driving...)

And why didn't they impound his car? He was supposedly violating restrictions on his driver's license, which the Tribune reported limited him to one passenger. There were three passengers with him. Why not tell them to call a cab?

Maybe it's because Cozart is a stellar figure? A "celebrity"? What a role model! Just what youth need... Also, arrested last week in Georgia on marijuana charges.

Cozart has a court date on June 17.

What traffic convictions does Cozart have that resulted in a driver's license restriction to one passenger? Oh, that's because he is 17.

Who owned the 2011 BMW X6 M? Can a minor own a motor vehicle? Was the owner in the car? Did the police call the owner and ask if he knew where his car was? Did the cops suspect impairment (you have to be, to drive 110MPH in a 55MPH zone; don't you?)? Did they do their homework and test him for drugs?

Kudos to the Northfield PD for the quick release of the dash cam.

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