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Avoiding The Hot Cars

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Avoiding The Hot Cars

Carol Mitchel
May 19, 2006

Be vigilant and be always on the alert. Especially if you are buying a vehicle. Be sure to scrutinize every aspect of the vehicle that you are eyeing. Of course, you would want to buy a vehicle that is in good condition and would give you the satisfaction you are looking for. And yes, you also have to be on the lookout for you may be purchasing a hot car.

The term “hot car” is usually used to refer to a vehicle that has been stolen. The common knowledge is that once a car gets stolen, it is taken to the chop shop and the parts are sold individually. You see, at present, some thieves do not simply chop up your vehicle. They have found that they can sell a car they stole without dissecting them into pieces. All they need to do is roll back the odometer and the car would look like good as new. Now, as a buyer, you surely would not want to have a stolen vehicle right in your hands.

If you find a vehicle that is sold for a much lower cost that you imagined it would be, ask yourself first the probably reasons why it is sold for such a low price. Cars that are usually sold with low prices when it could have been more have actually something wrong with it. Maybe it was stolen. Maybe it has been flood-damaged. Maybe it has already been in an accident.

To make sure, you can also check the seller’s name as well as his address. Compare that piece of information with the title and the registration of the vehicle. Verify these pieces of information as well. The vehicle identification number (VIN) should also help. Dents, scratches or loose rivets on the plate would mean that it may have been tampered. Then, check the VIN with the number on the title given to you. The Department of Motor Vehicles may also help. You can ask them to run a title history just to be on the safe side.

Now, if you do encounter a stolen vehicle, be on the alert and report the matter immediately to the authorities.

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