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Experts Take Special Training To Effectively Showcase Electric Car

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Experts Take Special Training To Effectively Showcase Electric Car

Patrick Howard
June 13, 2013

Auto technology is always something to look forward to. In the past year, the largest technology expo was held and it featured the latest advances in electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicle systems. Back in the day, these were all just widely taken as theoretical pursuits but the continuous development of technology has turned these theories into complete realities.

One of the most in-demand auto companies in the world, has come out with its own electric car. But unlike the dinky, toy-like, two-seater ones that are already used throughout the far east, the 100% Electric Car looks like a typical, sexy sedan that's also suitable for family use. For most people, it's almost impossible to distinguish the a regular five-seater compact car from the electric-powered car until the mouse-like shifter and charging ports are revealed. According to reviews, this electric vehicle or EV can really surprise people; it has great acceleration and drives ever so smoothly on good weather days.

A dealer that locals turn to for their car needs had to undergo a rigorous certification process to sell, support and service the all-electric cars from the known car brand. These certified dealers have modified sales and service departments and underwent specialized training to provide the unique customer and vehicle service necessary. With a lithium-ion battery powering the electric car, customized lifts and pallets to handle the battery (along with EV-skilled technicians) are required to service the car.

Naturally, since this EV is still a relatively new concept for local car-buyers, this training was deemed necessary to effectively educate interested folks who are somewhat intimidated by the technology of an electric-powered vehicle. Typical questions about the practicality of this provision as a car for daily use, where to charge the battery to prepare the vehicle for another day of use, replacement parts, effects of extreme weather, and safety concerns were all provided answers for in the training. On top of that, also thoroughly discussed was what makes the electric car a fun ride that is definitely worth buying, especially considering its price.

The training is also an effort to encourage car buyers to take the alternative route and explore the advantages of driving an EV. With zero-emission (that is, needless to say, great for the environment), overall, it's just really an amazing development; it's a move towards the future and if it works for the far east, it surely can work for in other parts of the world, too.

Check out the latest electric car released by Nissan and be awed at the magnificent milestone in Japanese automotive technology. Go to this page for details.

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