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Petrol in Diesel Car Emergency!

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Petrol in Diesel Car Emergency!

Melanie Kamdar
July 9, 2013

Petrol in diesel car emergencies are an increasingly common problem, however a fast and easy resolution is only a phone call away.

More and more misfuelling; the act of inadvertently putting petrol in a diesel car, is becoming a reoccurring practice, one that can cost you time and money. With modern advancements being made in producing quieter engines, diesel cars are becoming a more popular and are often indistinguishable from petrol versions to the untrained eye.

Accordingly, incidents of putting petrol in diesel cars is on the rise and as such the need for a mobile fuel drain specialist has never been more important.

When faced with petrol in a diesel car, you simply need to contact a company who can offer you a cost effective solution with trained specialists

A specialist fuel drainage company will understand that putting petrol in diesel cars is a simple mistake and while it can be promptly remedied, it can often result in unwanted stress and panic. Fuel drainage companies are here to come to your aid and ensure that you don't despair, providing expert advice and guidance for a complete solution.

Simply putting petrol in a diesel car is already a major inconvenience that can impact your day to day life, so your chosen fuel draining company will always come to you wherever you are and work hard to get you back on the road within an hour. They will turn up to the site of your misfuelling mishap with purpose built mobile draining equipment and one or two members of their team of experienced technicians. To fix your misfuelling problem, they should start by draining the wrong fuel, flushing the system and then finally they will replenish your car with the fresh fuel required.

There are many different companies offering a full drain-down service when petrol is put in a diesel engine. However, to ensure you don't put your expensive vehicle in the hands of cowboy tradesmen, ensure that the company you choose pride themselves on a proven reputation for having friendly and reliable staff that delivers professional support, anywhere from the petrol station forecourt to the side of the road. Before instructing them to rescue you, check that they are fully accredited and insured. They should be able to offer you assistance to ensure that you avoid having your car towed away and give you the peace of mind that you are avoiding expensive repairs by causing further damage to your vehicle.

For more information on our competitively priced 24 hour service, contact our West Midlands based team on 01827 282 336 or visit our website http://www.fuelrescue.co.uk/whatwedo/

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