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Dream Cars: Chicago Blackhawks Chevrolets

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Dream Cars: Chicago Blackhawks Chevrolets

Bill Crittenden
July 22, 2013

Chevrolet, being the official vehicle of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, of course has a Blackhawks Edition car.  It's a red Camaro with a black stripe that curves down in the front in the shape of a hockey stick.

Seriously, stickers alone do not make a Special Edition.  You need at least some special paint work.  First of all, the Chevrolet red isn't quite the same as Blackhawks red.  Secondly, the Hawks have the iconic white and black stripe pattern at the bottom of the jersey that would be far more recognizable along the bottom of the car.  Thirdly, it's hockey: a winter sport whose equipment isn't going to fit easily into a Camaro, which already has a plethora of special editions to choose from.

How about a Tahoe?  Or make it available on any Chevy SUV?  Red with the white and black stripes OR white with black and red stripes (like the away jersey).  The big flat sides of an SUV make a great canvas, and SUVs can hold hockey bags.

Front seat backs covered in authentic Reebok jersey fabric with the embroidered crest in the middle of the back, and black leather everywhere else.  The secondary logo (the yellow C with crossed tomahawks) would be embroidered on the headrests.

An enameled Indian head logo on the back, and decals in the front corners of the fenders (above the front wheel wells, just behind the headlights).

Flat black painted wheels to keep the attention on the rest of the vehicle, and an option to have a name and number done in vinyl decal over the rear window in the name of a favorite player or the driver's own name & favorite number.

If a current player is picked, that player should (schedule allowing) stop at the dealership for delivery, autograph the dashboard & certificate of authenticity, and pose for a picture with the proud buyer.  If not, perhaps the buyer could bring the vehicle to the players' parking lot before a game for the VIP meet & greet.

Illinois also has the perfect icing for that epic cake.  Now, if you go through all that trouble and DON'T get the Chicago Blackhawks license plate available from the Illinois Secretary of State's office, there's just something wrong there.

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