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How to Get Extended Warranty for Used Cars

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How to Get Extended Warranty for Used Cars

John B. Burrows
July 16, 2013

Extended warranty for used cars is basically an extension of the current warranty to ensure that it is covered in the event of a breakdown or if it has any mechanical faults. A manufacturers warranty will only last for a short period of time, at which point, the individual that owns the vehicle will have to pay extra in order to be covered from then onwards.

This will mean that any costs involved with fixing the vehicle will not be the liability of the driver. Depending on the car manufacturer, you get the safety net from just 2 years up to 7 years. On average it will be just 3 years, so if you buy an older vehicle, the cover is already expired and you're on your own facing all the problems related to owning a used car.

After purchasing a used car, it is incredibly easy to get extended warranty. Of course, for many people, they will find that if the car is less than a few years old, there is probably some warranty still left on the car. The majority of warranties can be transferred from one person to another, so it might be that the driver simply needs to extend the warranty rather than paying for it from day one. Drivers can get a quote instantly anyway to gauge how much it will cost in the future.

There is a lot to think about before actually paying for a warranty. For instance, different providers will offer different clauses in their policy and this will affect the price. The cover period on the majority of cars is 36,000 miles or three years, which ever of the two comes first. Once either of these two points is reached, the warranty will end. It is at this point when the individual will need to apply for an extended warranty period.

The best places to look for warranty products are:

Depending on your location and requirements.

Different providers of cover will provide different features in their policy. For instance, many providers will simply offer their users the chance to get basic wear and tear cover. Others will cover the driver for any kind of mechanical breakdown. From this point drivers can actually add extras to their cover. For instance, many pieces of cover have the option to include break down assistance, which means even if the individual is stranded, they have a way to get back home and get their vehicle fixed as quickly as possible.

In hard economic times, paying extra money every single month might not seem like the best financial choice. The reality is that the cost spread out over a monthly basis is minimal and something most people can afford. This is much better than having to fork out thousands when it comes to big repair bills, which is a problem that these extended warranties, manage to avoid.

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