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Safety For Women Drivers

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Safety For Women Drivers

Jay Stevens
May 16, 2006

It is a known fact that women can be quite vulnerable especially when people start to attack them. Even when driving in their own cars, women should still be careful and should take much precaution.

When you are driving, always lock your doors. Your windows should be kept closed as well. If you have some valuables inside your car, including your handbag and some pieces of jewelry, keep them out of sight. Thieves could be eyeing those items and could be the cause of trouble for you.

One way for people with bad intentions to rob someone else’s car would be to signal the driver to actually stop. If you notice somebody trying to make your car stop and is approaching your vehicle, automobile experts suggest that you blow your horn. The horn creates noise and noise has been a good and proven way to deter any kind of attacker or robber. Also, it is much wiser to abstain from giving lifts to strangers. Your safety comes first.

If you are planning on parking, choose a spot which is well lit. You might be parking in the day, however, try to visualize if that spot would be well lit come night time. Also, if you are about to go back to your car, make sure that you already have your keys in your hand. That way, you would not have to fumble for them as you walk to your car. While refueling, do not leave your door unlocked, even if you are just refueling or even if you are just paying for the service and the fuel.

For automobile experts, they suggest that women should have a cellular phone in handy. That way, if there is any kind of trouble, you could be able to call the authorities up for assistance. However, if you are in some kind of car trouble, it is wise to stay inside the vehicle and wait for help rather than go outside and wait for help there.

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