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Ford Explorer Gets New Technologies

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Ford Explorer Gets New Technologies

Chuck Smith
May 16, 2006

The Ford Explorer is a sport utility vehicle that has been crafted and designed by the Ford Motor Company since 1991. Now, for this year, the vehicle has undergone another set of changes and it is now being referred to as “the best ever” version of the Ford Explorer. After all, this vehicle has received new and significant exterior and interior technologies from the Delphi Corporation. The sport utility vehicle’s new technological upgrades include Delphi’s Forewarn® Back Up Aid, a DVD rear seat entertainment system, as well as a satellite radio receiver.

Beth Schwarting, the general director of Delphi Electronics and Safety’s sales and marketing department, says, “Ford is a proven leader in safety innovation. We are very pleased that Ford chose Delphi for their back up aid protection.”

Also, Ken Erickson, the business line executive of Delphi Integrated Media Systems, states, “We believe that Ford has chosen an awesome entertainment package that will help excite vehicle customers and passengers about the new Ford Explorer. We believe it significantly increases the ride satisfaction of rear seat passengers and we are naturally very proud that it is made by Delphi.”

The Delphi Forewarn dual beam radar back up aid actually assists drivers in avoiding any kind of accidents when backing up. It works by alerting the driver of any kind of object in the rear path. The driver is alerted through beeps that actually vary in intensity and rate. If the vehicle is very near an object, the intensity and the rate increase.

The OEM satellite radio receiver that the Ford Explorer received would provide ample entertainment for the driver and the passengers. It actually allows passengers to enjoy radio with a really clear reception.

And as per the Delphi DVD rear seat entertainment system for the Ford Explorer, rear seat passengers would be enjoying any travel for they could watch movies and play video games at the back. Delphi’s factory-installed rear seat entertainment system actually provides users easy use and access for it has DVD playback, CD playback, dual infrared wireless headphones, and audio and video inputs.

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