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How to Fetch a Good Price for Your Used Car

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How to Fetch a Good Price for Your Used Car

Laura Lee
May 22, 2013

Used cars enjoy a huge market with more and more buyers looking at used cars as a more economical strategy in these days when economy is pretty bad. New cars undoubtedly afford a greater sense of pride to the buyer but one should be willing to pay a higher price for this.

Selling used cars involves a lot of strategies to get the desired price and to make the most of it one should make sure of following some important steps before putting the used car up for sale.

Important steps to follow before advertising for your used car

Much before the buyer looks into the functioning of the engine and other inner aspects, the first impression is created by the external looks of the car. So, it is absolutely essential to clean the car inside out thoroughly. Washing, cleaning, waxing, all should be done to make the car shine as new. A good looking and clean car appears well kept and is bound to fetch more.

And the cleaning is not sufficient only on the exterior; the interiors too have to be cleaned with good cleaning liquids. Thorough vacuuming of the insides, the carpets, the seats, mats, etc. should be done. All the hard surfaces too should be wiped clean without leaving any cleaning residue behind.

Dirty interiors drive away potential buyers, so be ware.

It is absolutely essential to make sure that all the features of the car are functioning well, check the air conditioner, the stereo system, radio and speakers, and all such things and if found faulty get them repaired immediately. A used car with some of the features not operating is bound to shoo away the buyers or will fetch very little.

Ensure that all the tires along with the spare one are checked and have adequate pressure. It is better to replace balding tires with new ones even if that involves some expenditure. Likewise it is necessary to replace windshield wipers too if they are not functioning properly. These may look like minute things but they do go a long way in impressing the buyers.

It is advisable to get a mechanic to check if all the vital fluids in the used car like the engine oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, are up to the recommended mark, if not get them topped up or changed if necessary.

And when it comes to pricing, don't be too ambitious, it is better to do some research on the net to see how much other used cars sellers are quoting for a car similar to yours and then arrive at a competitive price.

And the most important part is to keep all the relevant papers of the used cars properly and in order so that the potential buyer will be able to go through them all together.

With many buyers believing that it is indeed much more beneficial to buy used cars the market for such cars is expanding rapidly. There is a lot of competition in this business and most people prefer to buy certified pre-owned cars; this program checks the used cars put up for sale thoroughly before they are certified.

They also have specific financing options for used cars and also offer additional services like roadside assistance. So it is better to get used cars certified so that more buyers come forth to buy your car.

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