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Preparing to Paint Your Automobile

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Preparing to Paint Your Automobile

Luke Mitchley
June 6, 2013

Almost all the time when a car has to be painted, the car owners initial decision is to bring it to an automobile repair shop and get a quote and then allow them get the job done.

Have you considered trying to do it by yourself? Even in this world of cynical thinking there are individuals that know and do get the very best outcome by spraying their car by themselves. Are you one of these believers? Well if you are then ... you should discover the best ways to paint your vehicle.Read on.

Do you prefer a certain shade for your car but at the same time not want to spend an extravagant amount of money? Well then here's your chance to do it on your own and save hundred's maybe even thousands of bucks plus getting the a reward of finding out something brand-new and having the satisfaction of doing a job cheaply and well. You never know where this established ability and skill could lead you to.

The most essential products needed in this basic automobile paint process are sandpaper, soap and water, and black enamel paint. Additionally, a wax stripper or any type of sort of degreaser is additionally essential to achieve that excellent vehicle paint outcome. Body cement, wire, and clear coat paint likewise serve their particular purposes, and so do lots of masking tape and a paint primer. Prior to starting, a substantial quantity of plastic or even newspaper is needed to cover all the windows of the auto. Lastly, a urethane-based paint of a preferred colour is additionally crucial for that critical final coating.

To help with the auto paint process, some essential devices can really assist such as garden hose, paint spray, and dustcloths. In regards to location, a confined area like a garage area can be used to do the procedure, which is separated in to two phases namely the pre-painting and the actual painting.

Before diving in and doing the initial step to paint your car, you need to buy or borrow the necessary materials so you can work on your project effortlessly.

What are these products? Well as stated earlier.


Safe cleaner for removing wax, oil, oil and various other contaminates.


Figure out the sort of paint you are using. 320 grit sandpaper is minimal and with the fastest and best looking surface yet 400 is much better.

Paint Primer

Select the finish you desire, whether enamel, laquer, or epoxy and then utilize the proper paint primer to avoid problems. Vehicle painting calls for special etching primer and advanced intermediate primer before using the topcoat. Remember to take ALL the corrosion you find right down to basic clean metal prior to utilizing the primers.


Why urethane-based? Just because they provide greater flexibility and body sturdiness although they are much more costly.


To make paint to show up as even more shiny.


1. Air Compressor

2. Spray Gun

3. Paint Booths

4. Lacquer Thinner

5. Masking Paper

6. Masking Tape

7. Cotton Towels

8. Dust Masks

9. Body Putty

By preparing the properly in the beginning it is now a lot easier for you to start repainting your automobile effectively and professionally.

If you would like to more about how much does it cost to paint a car or how to paint a car then please visit the authors site for free information.

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