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Top Three Things To Know About The New Ford F150

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Top Three Things To Know About The New Ford F150

Jessie Swanepoel
June 10, 2013

Designed and engineered for tough guys who do tough work, the F150, according to the manufacturer, is America's best selling truck. It comes in 10 tough models, from the XLT that features a remote keyless entry to the Lariat that has power-adjustable pedals with memory. If you're in the market for a full size pickup, here are three essential things you should know about the new Ford F150.

Advanced technology delivers fuel economy and immense power
In these times when gas prices continue to soar, keeping motorists in frenzied states, a vehicle that lets you save as much as you can on fuel would make for a sound investment. The new F150 features advanced technology that delivers noteworthy fuel economy while maintaining impressive performance. F150 models with the 3.7L TI VCT V6 deliver 23 HWY MPG fuel economy, while the 6.2L V8 provides best in class horsepower and torque with great highway economy.

In addition to the twin-independent variable cam timing (TI VCT), the new F150 also features EcoBoost engine, which enables precise fuel delivery of direct injection to each cylinder as well as allows for twin turbocharging, and electronically controlled 6-speed automatic transmission.

Innovative voice-activated maneuvering enables 21st century driving
How's this for innovation? You can control your music, receive calls, and make 911 calls -- all with the sound of your voice. Through the voice-activated SYNC and SYNC With MyFord, you can keep your eyes on the road, get to your destination safely, and still be able to multi-task.

For F150 models equipped with the SYNC With MyFord Touch, you can also get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions using your choice of fastest and shortest routes. Apart from that, through the SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link, you get traffic information, weather forecasts, and gas station locations and prices, among many others.

Deluxe interiors and sound engineering make for comfortable, quiet, and safe rides
When you're inside the new F150, it will feel like the most comfortable ride you have ever taken, even when the weather and road conditions outside are harsh and tough. Featuring door seals, shear-style body mounts, and noise-absorbing headliner, the F150 will reduce the unwanted noise and vibration through all your travels.
And perhaps more significantly than comfort, the new F150 has been further engineered for your safety. It is designed with dual hydroformed front tubes, which absorb impacts, and advanced hydroformed high-strength steel for additional crash protection.

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