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The Advantage Of Modern Engineering For New Cars

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The Advantage Of Modern Engineering For New Cars

Jessie Swanepoel
June 12, 2013

In the world of cars, there's typically a clear distinction between Western vehicles and those from the East. Western vehicles are often massive, growling street cruisers while those cars from the East are defined as finely engineered speed sleek machines; Tom Peters, the author of "Thriving on Chaos," made a sound and quite similar comparison, actually.

With parking space, cost, and traffic concerns, it does seem like these cars have a better ability to effectively rise to the challenges presented by living and driving in today's world. New cars from the east are actually edging out their western competition, not only when it comes to price but also with the inclusive features for the price. The 2014 Nissan Versa Note actually emerged with top marks from motoring organizations for its category; it's compact yet deceptively roomy, affordable, really sleek, runs smoothly and boasts of a hands-free text messaging feature.

Appearance-wise, when it comes to the "cuteness" factor, the motor company definitely has a full grasp of what would appeal to the cuteness-inclined aesthetics of certain buyers. The Nissan Cube is meeting the "cute" requirements of special car buyers (mostly women) and it's absolutely no surprise since "kawaii" culture thrives in all Japanese companies. Now, as for sexiness, the newest versions of performance cars are out; the 37OZ Coupe and 37OZ Roadster are for people who are all about style and impressive performance. These two can take on and zoom up any highway and leave other vehicles in the dust; they're lightweight but really durable.

And when it comes to technology, the car company is now out with new cars that have built-in systems that provide guidance by simulating an appropriate parking route that prevents contact with any of the nearby vehicles around it. This system displays a top-view image of the parking position and the point at which to begin backing into a space. Likewise, it presents parking guidance of an anticipated trajectory when backing up according to the operation of the steering wheel. With this, the driver can easily gauge at a glance how much he should steer the wheel. It's important to mention as well that the motor company has developed an MOD, smart auto headlights with considerate lighting, and is developing concepts for collision accident prevention which are expected to be applied soon.

Modern engineering does not just design for the improvement of a previous provision; what it does is apply creative concepts to introduce completely new standards for new cars.

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