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Choosing Panel Beaters Who Will Match Up To Your Expectations

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Choosing Panel Beaters Who Will Match Up To Your Expectations

Laura Lee
June 12, 2013

Cars damaged in accidents usually need the service of panel beaters to get it back to shape. And the technique used by panel beaters for this type of job is PDR or paintless dent removal; this is a super technique that eases back the dented portions gently so that it need not be repainted. This method is most preferred since it costs much less than the traditional method and further it can be completed with lesser effort. The existing paint is left as it is while the surface of the car is returned to its normal shape and finish.

Panel beaters who use the technique of PDR must possess specialized tools and to get back a flawless finish to the damaged vehicle they must have ample patience and a steady hand and more than anything must have sufficient previous experience in this field.

But before short-listing a panel beater you should find out if PDR technology is appropriate for getting your vehicle back into shape; a lot depends on the type of impact your car had, the position, size and depth of the dent will have to be taken into consideration for this.

Scratches that are minimal and on the surface can be totally repaired using the PDR technique. And the position of the dent also plays a major role to decide if this can be brought back to shape with PDR; if the dent is in a curve and not easy to access it is pretty difficult to bring it back to normal without damaging the paint. Let us assume that the scratches on the vehicle are not too deep and can be repaired using PDR, now how to choose a good panel beater?

Here are a few tips on how to choose a panel beater

It is best to get references from your friends or associates who had a similar type of job done before through panel beaters and who were satisfied with the outcome. Alternately you could look up the local directory for panel beaters available in your area or find a list of panel beaters on the net.

Once you have a list of the panel beaters you should get quotes from them and compare to see which is the best deal. The quotation should consist of costs for both labor and the spare parts that will be required.

Let quality be the main criteria for your selection of panel beater. Don't let price be the sole deciding factor. Check to see if the panel beater is organised in his work and make sure latest technology and machinery is utilised for the repair job.

Make sure they are going to be quick in their work and deliver the vehicle in the stipulated time; this also should be one of the major factors to help you short list your panel beater.

Confirm that they have a guarantee policy in place for the repair work done by them, this will be very helpful if you encounter problems in future.

Now that you have quite a bit of information and tips on selecting a good panel beater, you should be able to locate one who has the necessary skills, tools and expertise in paintless dent removal who can match up to your expectation.

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