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GPA N GMA - Dangerous Driver

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

McHenry County, Illinois

GPA N GMA - Dangerous Driver

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
January 16, 2008

White Cadillac

Do you know this dangerous driver of a white Cadillac sedan with Illinois license plate GPA N GMA?

This morning I was driving back from MCC on Country Club Road. I drive at the posted speed limit, and this car was behind me as I entered Woodstock. The speed limit drops to 40MPH east of Bull Valley Country Club and then drops to 30MPH between Bull Valley Road and the Post Office. The driver became impatient and then irritated at my 30MPH speed and roared around me.

He barely left the westbound lane completely and appeared to try to intimidate me by driving closely as he passed me. He must have had the accelerator to the floor, because the engine was very loud (high RPMs). He caught a red light at IL 47 and turned right.

I was on my way to the courthouse, so I followed him north on 47. When he turned right by Hovi Chiropractic, I turned also to see where he was going. He parked alongside the Hovi building, and a woman exited the vehicle on the right side, and a man about 55-60 years old with grey hair got out of the driver’s seat.

I thought about siccing the Woodstock Police on him, but the time and effort to go to court just isn’t worth it. Wish I had had my video camera ready. I’ll inform Woodstock PD of his driving violations. With a vanity plate like GPA N GMA, it won’t be hard for the police to watch for a large white Cadillac and observe his driving habits on their own.

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