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Driving In Bad Weather

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Driving In Bad Weather

Chuck Smith
May 9, 2006

Weather could be really unpredictable. You may be having quite a sunny day right now but you may be experiencing quite a downpour in just a couple of minutes. That is why it is important that you are prepared when it comes to driving through bad weather.

If you get caught driving in bad weather, remember to turn your headlights on especially during those times when you also have to turn your windshield wipers on. Rain, fog, sleet, freezing rain, or snow are just a few of the various types of weather where you need to do such a thing. By turning on your headlights, you actually are increasing your visibility. Other drivers are also alerted that you are on the road. This kind of tip is important that in Maryland, it is now the law that you should turn your lights on whenever your windshield wipers are also on.

During the winter season, make sure that you have an ice scraper with a brush in handy inside your car. That way, if there is some snow or sleet, you can scrape them off if you need to. Also, check if your car has some wiper fluid and de-icer still available.

When driving during wet weather, double or even triple the space you normally leave between you and the car you are following. And remember, brake gently. This is very much because bad weather and wet weather could make the roads slippery. Also, make sure that you use gentle pressure on the accelerator pedal when you are starting your vehicle. If your wheels feel like they are starting to spin, let up on the accelerator until the traction returns.

Watch out for signs in the weather. If you get caught in a torrential downpour that does not seem to end, automobile experts suggest that you better pull over to somewhere safe first. That way, you can wait up until the worst of the raining part is over.

It is important that you also have a car with a good running condition. If you need to replace some parts, do not hesitate to do so. For Ford Probe parts and other Ford parts and products, you can try out Ford Parts Online. You can enjoy greater discounts and fabulous offers here.

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