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More on Route 47 crash

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McHenry County, Illinois

More on Route 47 crash

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
April 17, 2010

Further information from MCSD on Saturday night is that there were two passenger vehicles and one truck involved in the crash late Friday afternoon on Route 47 south of Woodstock, still being called a minor, personal injury accident.

From the amount of damage to the cars and their positions after the crash, it wasn't what I'd call a "minor" crash. A citation for Improper Lane Usage is being issued to one driver. The crash is being investigated by Deputy Sabol, who is now off until Tuesday. After his supervisor, Sgt. Groves, approves his report, it may be able through a FOIA request.

It appears from the photos on www.mchenrycountyblog.com that left front corners of both cars tangled. There is only one way that happens on a two-lane roadway. Northbound traffic was in a passing zone, and southbound traffic had a passing zone that ended just about at the point of impact. Can't see a No-Passing Zone sign on the left shoulder; will have to check on that.

At the time I took my pictures, the blue tractor-trailer was stopped straight in the southbound lane. When Cal took his pictures, the fire equipment had left and the blue tractor-trailer was being moved.

Was one of the drivers starting a pass? Or trying to complete a pass southbound before the yellow no-passing zone line? Was a driver distracted and crossed the center of the roadway?

Perhaps the sheriff's department classifies any accident that doesn't kill or seriously injury someone as a "minor" accident. With the major body damage of this accident, I'd call it more than minor, even without a fatality or serious injury. Seat belts and airbags reduce injuries in most front-end crashes.

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