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Motorcycle event at Randy's

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Motorcycle event at Randy's

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
September 12, 2011

Randy's Cycle

Randy's Cycles, formerly in Huntley and now located outside Marengo, will host an unusual motorcycle sales event this week. A factory trailer is due to arrive at Randy's, loaded with two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and two Victory motorcycles.

Customers and prospective customers (holding valid motorcycle endorsements on their driver's licenses) will be invited to test-ride a Harley and then test-ride a Victory. (Then you can buy your Victory from Randy's Cycles!)

The busiest days are expected to be Friday and Saturday, so why not go out on Wednesday or Thursday?

Randy's is located across U.S. 20 from Donley's Old West Steakhouse and Wild West Town, southwest of Union, Ill. The address for Randy's is 18307 Beck Road, Marengo. Beck Road runs west from U.S. 20. Go slowly; Randy's comes up fast on your left. You'll probably see the motorhomes parked in storage first.

Check out the Victory motorcycle line here. Be sure to see the new 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour model. It has everything but the kitchen sink!

Visit Randy's Cycles here. Now is the perfect time to buy a new motorcycle. Get in some beautiful Fall weather riding, store it for the winter, and get it out in April for a full season of riding. Call Randy's at (847) 923-0500 before you go out on Wednesday to confirm that they are ready to roll out the red carpet for you. Tell Randy and Rod that you read about it on the Woodstock Advocate.

One Harley rider there today test-rode a Victory and exclaimed about the calm air flow behind the windshield at 60MPH. He said a bug was caught in the airflow between the windshield and his face and was just blown around in circles. The weather should be great this week. See you there.

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