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New Nissan For 2013 Promises The Best Quality For A Price Most Can Afford

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New Nissan For 2013 Promises The Best Quality For A Price Most Can Afford

Rina Davis
May 11, 2013

Most vehicles that came out this year promise better fuel economy as it's what most buyers want from the vehicles they intend to frequently use. However, for Nissan, that's not enough to uphold its commitment to completely satisfy today's buyers. The new Nissan for 2013 that ranks high in all motoring trends surveys for small sedans, the Nissan Versa 2013, has top-notch fuel economy, a sleek design, and boasts of being the roomiest small car in its category and the cheapest new car available in the market. It's the fulfilment of every frugal car buyer's dream.

Road tests of the Nissan Versa show better gas mileage for it has managed to hit the 40 mpg highway mark -- an impressive number compared to all other provisions in the small car category. Likewise, driving and riding experience is considerably comfortable - the price may be for a clunker but it definitely does not feel like one. Manoeuvring is not a problem as well because the electric power steering system feels quite light and suitable for urban driving. In addition to this, potholes and road humps are addressed well by this car.

Now, going back to the size, the Versa is very spacious - the exterior size easily has people fooled but it can seat five adults with enough leg room for movement; the backseats don't fold backwards, though, which can be a problem for long car rides when the passengers wish to recline a bit to relax their back. You just have to remember that the car is not really designed for long distance travel but for frequent trips entailed by typical daily living, such as drives to the school or office, trips to the mall, and for running errands. Despite this minor setback, it's surely worth mentioning that the trunk is huge; it can hold several bags of groceries and additional cargo securely -- an ability that's not available with other small sedans.

As for durability, you can expect that the brand delivered the same attention to the Versa as it did with its other higher-end vehicles though it was definitely created to cater to an entirely different market. At $13,000, the quality is unbeatable and you can take motoring experts' word for it.

The Versa comes in different models: the Base S is the most basic (hence the name) but air conditioning is up to the standards of other models. Meanwhile, the new Versa Sedan S Plus CVT model has standard cruise control. The mid-level SV and top-level SL have more additional standard features and have options that include a navigation system, satellite radio and Bluetooth; the prices for these are slightly higher but they remain the most affordable within the category.

You don't need to concern yourself with different things when buying car. Be sure to know what you want and what features you are searching. Consider the new Nissan for 2013 in your list. Find out more here at: http://www.midwaynissandurham.ca

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