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Key Features To Look For In A Modern Car

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Key Features To Look For In A Modern Car

Patrick Howard
May 13, 2013

Remember the Jetsons and their super cool flying car? Well, a world of flying cars may still be in the distant future (or is it?). But this does not mean you cannot own a vehicle that has all the makings of a futuristic cartoon ride or a sci-fi movie prop written all over it. Great innovations are being made in the automotive industry as manufacturers strive to conceptualize and engineer better-looking, much safer, and multi-feature cars for today's discerning motorists. If you are in the market for an ultra-modern car, consider these key features.

The Remote Engine Starter
When you have way too many things to do in a day, you will want to have a car that you can remotely activate. You know, the way The Knight Rider would remotely control Kit, the smooth-talking, smart car of the '80s. A Modern car actually has this capability at some level. The redesigned model comes with an intelligent key that allows you to remotely start your engine, while you try to finish up what it is you're doing, like finish dressing up for work. At a 190-foot range, you can press a button on your remote engine starter, the car will start up and the climate control will match your last setting. When you get in the Altima, it will feel like your own personal driver started it up for you.

Advanced Drive Assist Display
No matter how advanced and modern this world has become, road accidents will still happen. The reasons behind each accident will vary but, arguably, most will be due to driver error. Maybe the driver fell asleep. Maybe the driver was distracted. The car has taken every road hazard "maybes" and created the Lane Departure Warning. A rearview camera will monitor the painted lines on the road and give you a visual and audible alert when your car suddenly changes lanes. Other safety features include the Blind Spot, which warns you if another car has appeared in your blind spot and the Move Object Detection, which alerts you if an object is detected to the rear when you are backing up.

Out-of-this-World Seat Comfort
Finally, what good is advanced technology in cars if you cannot sit comfortably through long rides or wait out a slow traffic crawl? The engineers have used outer space as their inspiration for creating modern car seats, which have been optimized for comfort and reduces fatigue.

There is no better deal for car buyers than what the 2013 Nissan Altima offers. Check it out on this page.

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