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What's really wrong in Illinois?

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What's really wrong in Illinois?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
February 26, 2013

Wrecked Dodge Charger

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a 37-year-old Shorewood, Ill. man was driving 142MPH and DUI a year ago, when he crashed his Dodge Charger in Naperville.

Did Dean Suominen go to jail - as a sentence following his guilty plea?

What court do you want to be in, if this happens to you?

BAC 0.20%
Trashed a Dodge Charger

He copped a plea of misdemeanor DUI and reckless driving. "Misdemeanor"? You're kidding! The deal? $3,000 fines, fees and restitution; alcohol evaluation; attend a victim impact panel. Oh, and maybe $10,000 or more to his lawyer.

My opinion? Hogwash. If this isn't an aggravated situation, what is? Apparently he didn't hurt or kill anyone. That time. Why didn't the judge hit him with a year in jail? Or maybe a two-year sentence, and suspend 18 months of it. No priors? Really? Who was the judge? The Chicago Tribune was kind enough not to name him.

It's too bad that Illinois isn't serious about DUIs.

Locally, municipalities are going to do a little horse-trading with defendants and lawyers and we'll start seeing deals of DUIs knocked down to careless driving. And all the money stays in town. Baloney!

First offense ought to be a mandatory minimum of three months in jail. And fast. No dragging it out for 6-12-18-24 months. If a driver's BAC is over 0.08%, three months in the slammer.

Think that would sober up some drivers and keep them from behind the wheel?

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