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Off-duty Traffic Stop

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

McHenry County, Illinois

Off-duty Traffic Stop

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
May 3, 2009

A comment has been posted about an off-duty traffic stop by a McHenry County Sheriff’s deputy. The person posting the comment wrote:

“I know of what happened in the situation. I know details.

”This Deputy followed her to work, harrassed her at her job twice, and issued the TWO tickets TWO days later- only after he tailgated her wrecklessly throughout McHenry at 3:30am (morning of the issued tickets)! He came into her work a second time to personally hand her the tickets at 6:30am!

”She never knew the reason for being pulled over or what the tickets were for until they were handed to her!

”No license check... didn't run the license plate... no call into dispatch... no dash-cam... NO ONE knew of the traffic stop EXCEPT for Brucketta and her. General Orders were disobeyed and that is why there is an investigation......

”Why was she "scared"??? Intimidation two days after the traffic stop just 3 hours before recieving the tickets...”

There is no way that this should be handled only as an "internal." By doing so, it only gets swept under the table and kept out of public view.

These actions require charges, arrest and all the standard procedures that follow, such as booking in, prints, photo, bond, prosecution and court appearances.

Surely, the Sheriff won't let something like this slide, after firing a deputy who couldn't run fast enough or do enough sit-ups after years on the job.

Anyone care to list the offenses (crimes) committed here?

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