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Recent vehicle burglaries in Woodstock

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McHenry County, Illinois

Recent vehicle burglaries in Woodstock

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
January 9, 2010

The Woodstock Police Department responded to my request for information about recent GPS thefts from vehicles by sending me a copy of a press release, dated the day prior to my request, that stated a "rash" of vehicle burglaries have been occurring during day and evening hours all over town.

How many readers would like to know more, such as when these burglaries are occurring, where, by what entry, and how many GPSs have been stolen, compared to other electronics or loose change?

Please vote in the poll that will be open for a week.

We're a small town with a relatively small police force. The officers cannot be everywhere.

Maybe we need groups of spotters who will "patrol" Woodstock. This is done in other communities around the country. Of course, no permission from the police is needed, but it would be helpful to have their cooperation. These concerned citizens could drive around town, singly or in pairs, and watch for miscreants or suspects. When spotted, they could phone the P.D., which would dispatch officers. The residents would have no police authority and should not approach suspects or miscreants; in other words, don't alert them - just report them.

If the police really cooperated with citizens, they could provide radios and training. While cell phones would certainly be satisfactory for communication with a dispatcher, those calls leave the officer out in the cold until the call is dispatched.

A pin-map from the PD (several of them, actually) would inform residents where these crimes are occurring. One map could show locations; another could show times; another, day of week; another, vehicle locked or unlocked; another, glass broken.

Voluntary disclosure of this breadth of information from our P.D. would help residents help the police.

Thoughts, anyone?

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