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Renew your D/L early?

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Renew your D/L early?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
September 19, 2012

Have you ever thought about renewing your driver's license early? Did you know you can do that?

Even though my birthday is in February, I went to the Woodstock DMV today and renewed my driver's license. Maybe I'll be out-of-town in January-February (it's cold then; right?) - somewhere in a warmer climate. New Zealand sounds nice...

In my hand I took a report from my eye doctor, so that I would not have to take the eye exam at the DMV. When I presented it, the clerk asked if I wore my glasses all the time. I remembered the eye doctor had commented on improvement in my vision, and so I asked if I qualified for my driver's license without a glasses restriction. She said I did, and I walked out with a license unrestricted for vision.

Today reminded me of a day when I was 16 and taking my first physical for a pilot's license. The eye doctor filled out the form and noted I had to wear glasses when flying. When I received my FAA license, there was no glasses requirement. So, while I wore glasses to see, according to the FAA, I didn't have to.

I really liked the $5 renewal fee for my driver's license (plus another $5 for the motorcycle endorsement). Do they think I operate my car and my motorcycle at the same time? Is that why they charge a fee for each? Still, that was a lot easier on my checkbook than having to dole out $35 for the same privileges.

Can't wait until I'm 85. Then my driver's license will be free.

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